Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rainy day

I could probably write several long chapters about how much I don't like winter and how much I despise walking in the rain. But I'll stop and quietly dream about the warm summer days.

Our dogs seem to take after us and avoid the rain as much as they can.

Jake goes out of his way to hide inside the house when we ask him to go for a potty break outside. It's just too bad that he's so big and we always find him. We keep repeating "Jake, go outside!" and he keeps avoiding his obligation. He goes outside and makes a quick u-turn when he realizes it's cold and wet.

Abbey tolerates the rain, when we put a rain coat on her. While Pete goes for the more dramatic approach. He won't step a foot in the water, he looks like a leaping frog jumping over the puddles on our walks. And when it rains he drags his heals and squints his little eyes.

Today the weather has been crazy, one minute sunny the next minute heavy rain. While I was walking Oliver, he couldn't care less about the rain and was very optimistic about seeing squirrels. While I was trying to be optimistic about having one walk without the rain today.

On my second walk, we almost made it home dry. If only Pete was walking a little bit faster. He seems to slow down when you dress him up.

When we were five minutes away for home, the sky turned black...I didn't need to see a forecast to know that it was going to be heavy rain again. Sure enough! Within a couple of minutes we were soaking wet, Pete looked like a drown rat and didn't want to walk. I had to pick him up and Abbey was glad to speed up.

While I was getting grumpy about the rain, I looked at the Pete in my arms. Water was running off his face and looked like he just had a bath. I noticed he was paddling with his front paws. Poor guy probably thought he was in the water and had to swim to get home. Oh yes, it's always a good storm when your dog has to paddle home :)

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