Saturday, September 8, 2012

All grown up

It's been almost three years since we adopted Abbey from the San Martin Animal Shelter. Abbey our first dog has given us a great learning opportunity in to what it's like to own and care for a dog. I still can't believe we didn't return her back to the shelter. She was too smart, even at four months old, and knew how to manipulate us from the day one we got her home. 

You can read about her first year with us at this blog 'One year since we adopted Abbey...the first six months'. We'll be forever in debt to Our Pack, they helped us so much in our first year with Abbey, including weekly training classes, socialization for Abbey, and tips on how to raise her to be a good dog. Not that Abbey was ever a bad dog, but we did a great job spoiling her and as every spoiled child she behaved like a brat. We had to learn how to give her tough love, and teach her that nothing in life is for free. She had to sit and wait for something instead of grabbing it from our hands or sit and wait to be invited to sit with us on a sofa instead of just jumping all over us and pulling on our clothes (fun times!).

Our second year with Abbey became even more fun when we adopted Jake. We found Jake residing at the Hayward Animal Shelter. We had a blast watching these two crazy teenagers falling in love and bonding with each other. You can read more about Jake's adoption at  And than there was Jake..... It was almost like they had an inside joke and they would spontaneously goof around together.

We're now into our third year with Abbey and Jake, we've watched them grow older and mature into a well behaved dogs. We wanted to keep socializing our dogs with other dogs and also help other dogs to find a home. So we started to foster dogs for Our Pack. Fostering, gives us an opportunity to socialize Abbey and Jake with a new dog every few months. Our dogs have welcomed every foster that has come through our house, they've shown them how to have a good time and how to live within our house, including where to sleep, what do you with toys, what you can chew on and how to play with other dogs. Over the last year we've fostered four or possibly five dogs if you include Petey, who we adopted after a few weeks of fostering :o). 

Maddie -Penny - Chevy

Penny, Chevy and Lenny all came from Our Pack. We love fostering for Our Pack as they know our dogs really well and always make sure every foster dog will fit into our family. We also love that whenever we come across a new behavior we can always call Our Pack and ask for help or guidance. We learn so much from each foster dog and are getting more experienced as a dog owners. At the same time Abbey, Jake and Petey get a new buddy to play with. 

Leonard (Lenny) and Petey
The last three years have been a blast and we're so thankful to Our Pack for their support.  

Thank you Our Pack for having our backs and teaching us to be the responsible dog owners. 

Our Pack dogs by Alzbeta&Nigel
Our Pack Fans, a photo by Alzbeta&Nigel on Flickr.
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