Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You never know what you'll find standing below the higway

Whenever we drive home on the I-280 I always admire this house located just below the highway on Lincoln Avenue. It looks a picture perfect house with white picket fence and beautiful garden. I found myself dreaming, trying to imagine what the area used to look like before they built the highway and the recycling center across the street. It must have had a great view at one time, possible overlooking a farm or an orchard.

I tried walking there once or twice in the past with our dogs and all I remember that right after this beautiful house there's another house with two large dogs that would bark at us profusely as we approached their house through a wired fence. So we didn't spend much time hanging around.

Roberto-Sunol Adobe historical landmark # 898 from 1836

Today we deviated from our usual morning walk. As I wanted to withdraw some money from an ATM machine. I then made my to to downtown Willow Glen, on the way, I stumbled upon my favorite white house, we stood there for a while admiring the house. I then noticed a memorial plaque which explained the history of the house. 

"This historic adobe was built in 1836 by a native Californian, Roberto Balermino, on Rancho de los Coches, which was officially granted to him by Governor Micheltorena in 1844. The one-story dwelling was enlarged in 1847 by the new owner, Antonio Suñol, the second story and balcony were added in 1853 by Captain Stefano Splivalo. " 

It's quite an interesting discovery as this house is a historical landmark from 1836, #898: Roberto-Sunol Adobe. For more details about the Roberto-Sunol Adobe you can visit this website:

It's hard to believe that in 1853 somebody purchased the house and 55 acres for mere $3000. I'm glad that the city decided against demolishing this historical landmark and build the highway around it. Today the building serves as Law Offices.

After our mini adventure we walked through downtown Willow Glen stopping at our local coffee shop on the way home. Lenny and Petey enjoy hanging outside the coffee shop and love the all the attention that they receive from people passing by. It only takes a couple of minutes for them to settle down and find their comfortable spot. We don't pick Petey up he has to make do, just like our other dogs. Although, he usually takes advantage of the other big dog and sleeps on their back...not a daft dog ;o)

One compliment caught me off guard, when a ladies voice said 'What well behaved dogs these are!' and then I turned around I saw a policewoman in uniform. I stuttered a reply: 'Yes, they're.' I'm a dork around cops and always get nervous; even though I've never been arrested or even inside a police station.

What a fun day; I can't wait to see what else we come across on our daily walks through our neighborhood.

Arrivederci, until our next adventure...


Two Pitties in the City said...

I love how adventures with our pooches can cause us to learn so much more (and I'm always so interested in seeing what everyone else is doing with their dogs where they live). Your photos are so great! I love how they 'model'.

My Two Pitties said...

They're such a cute pair! Lucky Petey has his very own portable bed;)

Alley903 said...

Same here, we love reaing your adventures in Chicago and love your photo captions, they're so funny.
We adopted Abbey, so we would get out of the house more. Our pack slowly grew over the years and now we can't imagine our lives without them. Thanks to them we met lots of wonderful people and hiked many miles over the last three years.
We have a facebook page where we publish our blogs and lots of photos, to show public how wonderful these dogs are and that they make great family pets and to promote our foster dogs. Lenny is the current foster dog (the grey goofy boy)