Monday, July 30, 2012

Urban walk downtown Willow Glen

A sculpture called Portal in Bramhall Park by Keith Bush by Alzbeta&Nigel

Lenny's favorite walk is downtown Willow Glen, where he gets to meet lots of new friends.

Lenny is always confident that people will fall in love with him and want to pet him. I must admit that he really is very good at stopping people in his way. When he sees somebody that he'd like to meet, he 
tries his best to walk towards them or he just sits down and waits for them to come to him. At times we have to make sure he doesn't apply this technique to bicyclist coming our way or unsuspecting people that could trip over him. But nine out of ten times this works great for Lenny; people are happy to say hi to him.

Today when we were walking by local gym, he used his charm on the whole gym staff and they all came outside to pet this handsome boy. He was a happy camper going from one person to the next. At the same time Petey was trying his best to avoid being stepped on by Lenny; it's hard to be so little sometime when your buddy is an elephant ;o)

Both Abbey and Lenny are shameless flirts and love to meet people, they're great at starting conversations with random strangers. They would be perfect for a single gal, looking for a new guy or the other way round ;o). Good thing is that Lenny is available for adoption from Our Pack and you can have your own flirty dog to walk downtown and meet new people. Lenny is the perfect companion if you just want to browse downtown or sit outside a coffee shop and just watch the world go by.

Recently, we've noticed several new shops opening in the downtown area of Willow Glen, this includes a new chocolate shop, the "Crepevine", "The Table" restaurant, and a new Unleashed by Petco. It's awesome to see the town buzzing with new businesses this year. 

We also noticed an upcoming event Taste For Trees, Willow Glen Wine Walk 2012

A little further on and we saw an artist working on his mural,we stopped and admired his work for a while. I can't wait to see it finished, it's going to be beautiful.

There's a surprise behind each corner of Willow Glen. For more adventures of our dogs, you can check our facebook page.

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