Thursday, July 19, 2012

Snuggle buddies

Snuggle buddies by Alzbeta&Nigel
Snuggle buddies, a photo by Alzbeta&Nigel on Flickr.
It looks like our foster dog Lenny is adjusting great to our house routine.

In the morning we go for a nice long walk stroll around our neighborhood. After everybody finished their walks, we let all the dogs out in the garden for the play time. Make their breakfast, congratulate ourselves on job well done and watch the dogs lounging around taking their naps.

Lenny or Petey are usually the last one to give up on the fun time and cruise around the living room bagging Jake and Abbey for one more play. I love to watch their crazy stuff, muzzle punch the other dog and run away, in hope that they will motivate them to play. The other favorite game is, I got your foot what you gone do about it.  And all of the sudden they realize they're tired and crush wherever they're.

I remember the time when Abbey and Jake the young snappers and in threw lots of wild parties in our house. We used to wonder if they would ever stop playing. These day they play a little bit and sleep a lot.  It's amazing how changes in to two years.

For more information about our foster dog Leonard, visit Our Pack website.

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