Friday, July 20, 2012

Lenny hiking with HikeABull at the Palo Alto Baylands

Palo Alto Baylands was just as exciting for Lenny as his first time there. Lenny had so much fun watching the ducks and geese and tracking various scents...well mainly duck poop.  When I asked Lenny if he was snacking on the way; he gave me the most innocent look ;o)

Being the beginner HikeABull member, Lenny was feeling a little bit like Goldilocks. He was trying to find his spot in the pack. Middle wasn't quite right, at the back it was too lonely and at the front of the pack it was just right.

We love HikeABull structure, there's no dog to dog meeting during the hike. It helps to teach our dogs boundaries. They're learning to stay calm around other dogs and that they don't need to play every time they see another dog.

When we came home, Lenny found the nearest bed and fell asleep for the rest of the evening. The hike wasn't long or difficult but there was lots of stimulation. I'm sure he was still dreaming about his duck friends - he sounded like a water cooler dispenser (barking in his dream) and his feet were twitching.

HikeABull @ Palo Alto Baylands by Alzbeta&Nigel

If somebody is interested, Lenny is single handsome dog and is available for adoption from Our Pack, Inc. 

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