Monday, July 23, 2012

Finders, keepers

DSCN0097 by Alzbeta&Nigel
DSCN0097, a photo by Alzbeta&Nigel on Flickr.
Our foster dog Leonard, is very easy going and fun loving dog. He finds joy in simplest things and is always happy to share with our dogs.

Lenny loves laundry days, all of the sudden the ordinary cloth or sock become a great tag toy. I don't ever remember Abbey or Jake ever having such an imaginative mind as Lenny. 

Penny, one of our previous foster dogs, used to collect shoes.

DSCN6670 by Alzbeta&Nigel
DSCN6670, a photo by Alzbeta&Nigel on Flickr.

Living with dogs, we had to learn to put things away and out of their reach. So I guess we should thank them helping us go minimalist in our house.

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DeEtte said...

What sweet dogs.