Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coming out the closet...

Most of my friends know about my addiction to the dog collars, but I've always kept it a secret exactly how many collars our dogs have. 

It all started when we adopted Abbey. We searched all the pet stores and dog boutiques in our area and every city we visited. We wanted a cute collar that would reflect our pup's personality and was also practical. Abbey always was and still is a bubbly girl who loves to meet people, but often she would blend in the crowd with her black coat.

When we found the first martingale collar that wasn't boring, we were excited and happy for Abbey to have something cute. The downside of Abbey being a short hair dog, is that the collar was rough on her skin and over the time it was leaving marks on her neck.

By chance we saw Sirius Republic commenting on Our Pack Facebook post. We followed Sirius Republic to their facebook website, we were pleasantly surprised by Jennifer's hard work and her beautiful collars. 

We love red on Abbey and we fell in love with the Sirius Republic Red Leopard print collar. Abbey was a star in her collar and got noticed by people. She was like a walking advertisement Sirius Republic collars. Soon lots of our buddies from training class and friends discovered what beautiful collar Jennifer makes. Good word spreads fast ;-)

As Abbey was growing up and we adopted our second dog, we soon purchased our second batch of collars. Abbey and Jake had matching Red and Blue Leopard collars.

I was always amazed by the quality and durability of these collars, our dogs put them to the test when they were young.

The only thing that would make these collars perfect, if they repel the mud these guys like to roll in. I'd also like a sofa that would be slobber day in the future perhaps ;o)

Blue Paisley and Purple Bloom collars

When we bought Abbey and jake their first leather collar by Paco. We matched it with the Sirius Republic collar. As we were worried if they pulled on the leather collar, they would stretch them out of shape.

1" chain martingale 

Jennifer was very kind and let us choose a fabric for our dogs' collar so we would have one of a kind collars. My advice is, never go shopping for fabric with your friends. You'll always buy more than you need. 

When we ordered  a custom collars for each of our own dogs, we also had a custom made collar for our foster dog. It was embroided  with "Adopt Me" to let people know our handsome foster dog was available for adoption on our daily walks.

We've since used the "Adopt Me" collars on our other foster dogs. I only wished we didn't make it light blue as it's hard to keep clean.

It would be hard to say which one is my favorite collar. But I like the collar which was made in support of our favorite dog rescue, Our Pack. I like their slogan "Don't Judge Learn". Many people are intimidated by Jake's look and his size. But he's the gentlest boy I know, it's so easy to hurt his feeling and his favorite thing is to be a lap dog. 

These is our latest addition to our collection. Little bit of tropical print for our laid back pack. Aloha!

It's coming close to three years since we started shopping with Sirius Republic and we couldn't be a happier. 

We still have all the collars that we've purchased over the years, some are looking worn and used but still as strong as they were when we received them.