Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two pitties strolling downtown Willow Glen

The weather changed this week, we're officially back to the rainy season. I'm not really complaining about the weather, as it's still pretty mild compared to Europe. Too bad that I can't explain it to Abbey, she's not happy about the rain. After all she's a Californian girl and she loves the sunshine.

I love that the weather forecast here is quite accurate, unlike in England! Where you always have to be prepared for rain, wind, snow, hail in one get the the weather the forecast is never quite right.

This morning I was woken by heavy rain and strong winds. I really wasn't looking forward to getting up and spending the day inside the house with two crazy dogs. Abbey and Jake are not super high energy dogs, but they still need their daily exercise to burn off their excess energy. They go out once a day for a walk and than they play in the garden at least twice a day. That way they're nice and calm inside the house.

Luckily we caught a break this morning when it didn't rain for couple of hours. I put the waterproof jackets on the dogs and myself and off we went. This was our third day walking together. I wanted to walk them downtown Willow Glen (WG) today. I was hoping that all the small yappy dogs who browse downtown Willow Glen wouldn't be there today as it was windy and grey outside. As it turned out, we were the only people walking in WG, until we reached the downtown area.

I couldn't take photo of them downtown WG, so I photographed them next to the sculpture in WG. They look so happy posing in the rain, don't you think so ;o)?
One thing that I didn't account for in this windy weather, was that lots of shop signs were flapping in the wind. It was scary for Jake and he was hesitant to walk forward. It was really helpful to have Abbey by his side, she walked confidently and showed him it's nothing to worry about. They really are such a great couple, they help each other in so many ways. Jake calms down Abbey when she becomes too excited  and she calms him down when something scares him. I think by walking them together more often, we'll have two confident and calm dogs in no time ;o).

I tried my best to walk them by my side today but some paths were so narrow that we kept bumping into each other and stepping on each other toes. From time to time when nobody was around I let the dogs walk in front of me. It was quite cute watching them walking side by side with each other and their synchronized tail wagging.

People find it amusing that our dogs were jackets in the winter. Well, they get cold and wet just like we do. Plus they look great in their matching coats. 

It was a great walk today, despite the rain. I'm looking forward to our next adventure. The dogs are worn out and sleeping soundly on the sofa and I'm listening to the rain outside.

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