Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rain, rain, go away...

The last three days we've had a great sunny spell in the Bay Area, with temperatures around  60°F/ 16°. Somehow it's hard to believe that it's winter. When I was growing up in Europe, I had to put up with blistering cold winters, which seemed to last forever. The move to California was a definitely a good move; the cold weather doesn't suit me at all.

This photo is from my brother, they're having a nice white Christmas. 

Even though we have nice, mild winter's here, we miss the warm summer weather. Lately we've had quite a bit of rain, which has prevented us taking the dogs out hiking. Abbey and Jake refuse to go out in the rain, even for a short potty breaks. They won't go outside unless one of us accompanies them... I guess misery likes company :o)

So this week when it wasn't raining the dogs took the opportunity to stop and soak up the sun in our garden. The first day without the rain they had a hard time finding a dry place, they both ended up squishing their big butts on top of the coffee table in our garden. 

After three days of no rain, the cushions on the benches dried up and Jake and Abbey spent the day soaking up the sun. It's a hard life being Abbey and Jake :o)

Jake was sniffing out something good in the air, Abbey just laid around.

 Too bad the good weather didn't last, it's now raining again. I guess Abbey and Jake will have to make it by snuggling with each other until the summer comes back. 

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