Friday, December 10, 2010

Naming your dog after a TV Character...

How to say this, we're not very imaginative with our pet names. Most of them already came with a name that we thought was okay, i.e. our cats Bailey and Percilla. When it came to naming our dogs, we named them after our favorite TV characters. As it came out, they even assumed the characters personality.

Abbey was named after NCIS forensic specialist called Abby. The TV character Abby, is smart, upbeat and is addicted to "Caf-Pow", a caffeine filled soda. 
Our dog Abbey is always always buzzing around with never ending optimism and always ready to have some fun. Quite often we find ourself out smarted by her too.

Jake was named after Jake Harper in the  TV series Two and a Half Men. Jake Harper gets really bad grades, is always eating, and very lazy
Jake (the dog Jake) is just a simpleton who loves his food and is eager to please, he's a big lovable boy.

How did you name your pets?

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