Friday, December 3, 2010

Look! I have manners.

If I was grading Abbey, I would give her A+ today!

We were shopping at the local pet shop looking for some new dog treats. while, I was carefully examining the various dogs treats the store had to offer (Our little girl has a very sensitive stomach), I kept Abbey sitting by my side. Every now then she'd get a cookie as a reward for being calm and paying  attention to me.

Little did I know that somebody else was watching me...feeding my dog. To my surprise, when  I looked down there was another dog sitting by my feet! 

It was a cute toy brown Poodle. At first I thought that this dog was off leash and my blood pressure and anxiety went through the roof. I then noticed the retractable leash. Still not my favorite scenario (those leashes drive me crazy, dogs may as well be off leash, as owners have little to no control over their dogs). The owner of the poodle was at the counter busy paying for her shopping and didn't seem to be worried at all. While I stood there, telling myself to be calm, when really alarms bells were going off in my head. Abbey was perfect! She just sat there, making a new friend, both dogs were perfect in terms of greeting. The lady at the till finally noticed her dog was missing and called her dog over. I let out a big sigh of relief, and gave Abbey a big handful of cookies for being so good.

This what imagined would happen. Abbey would give a poodle play bow and than jump on his head, to show him how happy she's too meet him and that she's ready to play. 
Why the panic you may ask, well its not that Abbey is dog reactive, dog aggressive or human aggressive in any way. Its just that she get over excited so easily and when a dog that's a 1/4 her size comes up to her, all I can see is Abbey bouncing all around the smaller dog, with the possibility of knocking it for six. To see Abbey calmly meeting a dog so much smaller than she is, is such an awesome feeling, it's like my little girl has finally grown up and is starting to mature.
Adopting Jake made all the difference in Abbey's life. She learnt to be calmer and better behaved around other dogs.


Mary said...

Oh Alzbeta! That story gives me goosebumps. I am so proud of Abbey and of you guys for all that you have done to help her be the great dog she is!!

Unknown said...

What a good girl! The pic you have up of Jack and Abby snuggling on the couch is so dang cute! Your abviously doing good things keep it up!