Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting festive!!!

We moved to California six years ago, it's still hard for us to get into the Christmas spirit when the rest of our family live over in Europe.  Each year we try something new...

We used to decorate a Christmas Tree but we stopped after we adopted our two cats, Bailey and Percilla. The cats thought it was a great toy, we spent more time guarding it rather than enjoying it. Percilla kept eating the silver tinsel while Bailey spent many an hour knocking down the ornaments. 

Now that we have we have the two dogs, Jake and Abbey (in addition to the two cats) there's no way I would consider getting a tree, not even a small one. It may possible in a few years, when our dogs are calmer. We do enjoy the stories posted by our friends on Facebook (especially Hector the Pit Bull), describing the mischief their pets have gotten into. And feel very relieved that we don't have to go through the same.

This year, purely for the fun of it, we dressed our dogs up. Jake wore a candy cane headband, while Abbey was a snow queen. This photo then became the center piece for our own handmade Christmas cards. Our dogs are so easily amused, I find amazing what they would do for a small piece of chicken or a peanut butter cookie!

Earlier in December, we went to our first holiday parade in Los Gatos, see Los Gatos, Holiday Parade. This was definitively an interesting experience that we won't forget for a very very long time. It was however fun and something different to do.

Recently, I've been walking our dogs in the evening, I love seeing how creative people are with their Christmas decoration. The following images are some of my favorites...

It's a Santa's sleigh with reindeers, it's quite a large display. It's as tall as the one story house and spans several front yards. 

Willow Glen has a tradition called "Christmas Tree Lane". The idea is that every house in a street will have a Christmas tree in front of their house. In my opinion, the only thing that seems to be missing is the snow!

I thought I would include a few photos of our cats as it a Christmas time as they're part of our family.

Bailey is 20 years old

Percilla is 12 yearls old

Have a Happy Holidays!

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